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Greenville Fire District is an independent municipal entity providing emergency services to the Edgemont Community in the Town of Greenburgh in Westchester County, New York. The district is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners consisting of five members who are elected by the general public for five year terms.

The Greenville Fire District operates as a combination fire department with 30 career firefighters and 17 active volunteers.


MISSION STATEMENT:  The Greenville Fire District strives to provide effective and wide-ranging emergency services in a cost effective and community-responsive manner.



The GFD takes, and has taken, no position on the proposal to incorporate Edgemont.  While the proposal raises matters of significant local interest, they are outside the GFD's mandate and current operational parameters.



Wednesday, April 15 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners.


If you have any questions for the Fire District that you would like addressed, please send an email to or alternatively, call us at: (914) 723-3430, ext. 123. For either communication method, please provide us with your full name, address and callback telephone number.


Tax Grace Period:

Under these extraordinary circumstances, Greenville Fire District is exploring the possibility of a tax deferral or grace period. Please note that the decision is not ours, alone, to make. By law, our discretion is limited by the determinations of the Westchester County Executive. We are coordinating with his office to see what may be possible. Of course, there also are certain practical realities in that District payroll and expenses must be met. Nevertheless, the Board of Fire Commissioners is doing what it can to mitigate the tax burden.


Dear Edgemont Community,

Please be assured that your Fire District stands ready to respond, even in these unusual times.

The COVID-19 virus presents a stark, new challenge, and we are faced with rapidly changing realities for us, our families, and the way we live our lives.  However, your Fire District has adapted in order to keep our community and our GFD members (both career and volunteer), safe.  We hope you will never need us, but we’ll be there if you do.

We do ask that you help us to help you.  If you call for assistance, the dispatcher will immediately send us to your location.  However, the dispatcher will also ask you a series of questions designed to assess the COVID-19 risk that you present.  For the sake of yourself, the first responders, hospital staff and others, please fully and accurately respond to the questions.  Answering the dispatcher’s questions will not delay the response (we are already on our way) or alter the quality of the service we provide.  Answering these questions accurately, will help preserve the safety of our community and the first responders that protect it.

In addition, we encourage you to:

-  Maintain social distancing and limiting non-essential travel

-  Wash your hands

-  Follow protocols put out by the Center for Disease Control  


Please be advised that the fire department cannot extinguish "electrical" fires such as burning or arcing wires, or sparking wires that have been hit by foreign objects.  Only Con Edison has the capability of turning off power and resolving the situation.  If you see an electrical fire, please report it immediately via 911 or local emergency number (914-723-2500 for Greenville).  DO NOT go near the fire.


New York State law requires all residences, both new and existing, to have carbon monoxide alarms installed.  For further information on this law and how it applies to you, please see our CARBON MONOXIDE INFO Page.

Greenville Fire District Headquarters is located at 711 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, New York across the street from the Acropolis Shopping Center and 24 Hour Fitness.

Please note that fire alarm systems should be programmed to dial (914) 723-2500.


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